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Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra-Run *50 Mile Mtn Bike *50 Mile Run *50 K Run *Team Relay *Free Kids Fun Race!! Ascutney Mountain Resort, Brownsville VT. The race happens every year the last Sunday in September! Race proceeds benefit Vermont Adaptive.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

The VT50 Race Bib List Has Been Posted! #VT50 #mountainbikes #ultrarun #VT #NH

Pack your bags...drop bags that is.
The Vermont 50 2015 Bib Lists are Posted!

Bib List 2015
Mountain Bike List by Bib Number

50 mi Runner List by Bib Number

50 mi Relay Team List by Bib Number
(A few teams need to get their team members' info to Mike Silverman ASAP!)

50 Km Runner List by Bib Number

Drop Bags 101
Drop Bags: Have Drop Bags to the Information Table by 8 pm Saturday Sept. 26
Drop Bag Detailed download
  • A small backpack or gear bag, on the order of 9”x 9” x 16” is appropriate if shoes, a top garment and bottle are included.
  • Weight not to exceed 10 lbs per bag. We will weigh them!
  • Your bag must be soft-sided (no plastic storage boxes please)
  • Be securely closed
  • Labeled clearly with your name and bib number
  • Include the name of the aid station to avoid confusion by you or by us-make your drop bag as unique a possible within our stated guidelines.
  • Drop bags allowed at: At Aid Stations #3, 7 & 10 for the 50 Mile and #2K, 7 & 10 for the 50K.
  • We will deliver drop bags from the start to aid stations
#2K-Ralph's (50 Km Only)
Skunk Hollow #3
Greenall's #7
Johnson's #10

Label each bag with aid station # and name, your name and your bib number.

Remember NO Drop Bags or clothing at: Garvin Hill and Cady Brook
You may drop articles during the race at all other aid stations.

These bags must be accepted at the Info Table in the BIG TENT before 8 p.m. Saturday night.

Drop bags will be returned to the Finish Line ONLY after the aid station closes, not before! You will have to wait at the finish to pick up your drop bag--we WILL NOT mail it to you!! This is your property and it is your responsibility to pick up your bag at the finish line at the end of the race.

What should I put into my drop bags?
  • Extra pair of shoes at the first drop station, if you think there’s a chance you may need to change. Most folks never do.
  • Clean, dry socks 
  • Skin lube & band-aids; If you are prone to blisters include a small ‘kit’ in each bag (i.e. band-aids, sterile wipes, talcum powder) 
  • Electrolyte caplets or dissolving tablets, if you use them 
  • Gels or Blocs or Stingers Gels. Gels will not be provided at the aid stations 
  • Non-liquid snacks if your system, due to allergies, cannot tolerate items provided at the aid stations 
  • A light waterproof or resistant layer top and lightweight cap if there’s rain in the forecast (a small pouched poncho is perfect and takes up little space) 
  • A light jacket and even lightweight gloves if the forecast is for cold weather
What NOT to include:
  • Anything that could break if dropped from a height of 4 feet.
  • No Glass Containers 
  • wallets 
  • cell phone (There's no reception anyway) 
  • purse 
  • watches
  • GPS 
  • jewelry, etc. 
Don't ever put anything in a drop bag that you aren't prepared to part with permanently. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles or drop bags left behind at the end of the race.

The following items can be carried in a small pouch by itself, or as part of a water belt, or a backpack:
  • band-aids in a small plastic baggie
  • electrolyte caplets and Advil, also in a baggie 
  • gels or chews 
Runners if you wear Race Ready Shorts, they have 7 small pockets, you can carry most of the above and even a few more gels in them. On a decent weather day therefore, you would have no need for drop bags.Bikers can carry these items on their backs in their packs. 

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