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Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra-Run *50 Mile Mtn Bike *50 Mile Run *50 K Run *Team Relay *Free Kids Fun Race!! Ascutney Mountain Resort, Brownsville VT. The race happens every year the last Sunday in September! Race proceeds benefit Vermont Adaptive.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs #VT50 #mountainbikes #ultrarun #VT #NH

There could be a lot of trail markers out on or near our race course...these are the ones for the Vermont 50 to Look For!

The Vermont 50 courses are marked with 5” bold black arrows on colored backgrounds. 

50 Mile (Bike & Run) has pink background.

 A large black "W" on orange background means Wrong Way, go back.

A large black "X" on yellow background means Caution-something that merits your special attention such as a hole, ditch, drop-off, obstruction, a hazard is coming up.

Strictly 50 Kilometer Run has turquoise blue background (this is for 50K segments only; there will be no double marking).

There will be the usual "No Parking" and "Race In Progress" signs on roadways to look for. And maybe a few surprises along the race course too!
You can print these out it you'd like at : VT50 Trail Markers

Please remember-Respect Our Landowners
Our landowners grant us ONE DAY USE of their land for Sunday, Race Day ONLY. If people pre-race the course the landowners will withdraw their consent to use their land and our race will change dramatically or go away all together. So PLEASE DO NOT PRE-RACE THIS COURSE. Thank you for your cooperation!

See you in 25 Days!!

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